About Subdivisions

About Subdivisions

What is a Subdivision?

Subdivision refers to the process of adjusting the boundaries of a parcel of land to:

  • Change the dimensions of an existing parcel
  • Create additional parcels of land, or in some cases,
  • Reduce the number of parcels of land.

Different types of subdivisions

"First parcel out" - First lot from a quarter section which is unsubdivided (except for roads, railroads, public uses)


"Second parcel out" - One lot from a previously subdivided parcel

"Lot split" - Splitting a parcel, whether urban or rural (e.g., 80-acre split) into two titled parcels


"Lot split, 3 lots" - Splitting a parcel, whether urban or rural, into three titled parcels

"Fragmentation" - Physical fragmentation by road, railroad, or water body excepted from title

"Multi-lot split" - Multiple (more than 3) parcels from a quarter section or parcel

"Boundary adjustment" - Adjusting existing boundaries

"Municipal Government Act, Section 652(4)" - creating 2 titles from 1 title containing 6 lots


New subdivisions must be approved by the local Subdivision Authority before the new property boundaries can be registered with the Alberta Land Titles Office. MPS is the designated Subdivision Authority or Subdivision Authority Officer for several of our municipal clients.