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What are the Fees for Subdividing?

MPS requires two separate fees in order to fully process a subdivision application. An initial application fee covers the cost of process the application to the point of making a decision on the proposed subdivision. If an application is approved, and the applicant continues with the process of subdividing the land, a final fee at the time of endorsement is required. The fees has been split into two instalments because the fees are non-refundable and, if your application is not approved, this reduces some of your costs.

The basic subdivision application fee (paid upon initial application), and the endorsement fee (paid upon final endorsement of your Plan), are both determined by the specific number of parcels resulting from the subdivision. There are two application fee structures: one for a subdivision resulting in three lots or less, and one for a subdivision resulting in more than three lots.

Please refer to our specific fees sheets for more specific information regarding subdivision fees:

Please note that effective April 1, 2018, our fees for subdivision have changed.  The fees listed above reflect this change.