What happens after submission

Applications, Forms and Fees

What Happens After I Submit My Completed Application?

Our processing of a subdivision application generally follows these steps:

  1. Submission of a completed application with the required fee;
  2. Referral to municipal staff, school divisions, utility companies, and government departments, among other agencies, for comment;
  3. Notification of subdivision application to adjacent landowners and receipt of input;
  4. Decision (tentative approval, tentative approval with conditions, or refusal), normally within 60 days;
  5. Appeal period (21 days) - potential appeal to Subdivision and Development Appeal Board or Municipal Government Board by applicant or referral agency;
  6. Fulfillment of any conditions specified in the decision;
  7. Submission of a Descriptive Plan, Plan of Survey, or other instrument to Municipal Planning Services Ltd. together with the required fee for endorsement (final approval); and
  8. Registration (by the applicants surveyor) of the Plan or document at the Alberta Land Titles Office.