When is a Subdivision Needed

About Subdivisions

When is a Subdivision Needed?

  1. If a person owns a quarter section, pt. quarter section or a lot or block on a plan and wants to sell a portion of that property to another person, or if he want to sell off most of the property and keep a small portion for themselves, they require a subdivision.
  2. If a person owns a quarter section, a part of a quarter section, a Lot or a Block on a Plan and they wants to sell several portions of that area, they require a subdivision.
  3. If a person owns several Lots or Blocks on a Plan and wants to create more Lots or Blocks, they require a subdivision.
  4. If a person owns a titled area which is split by a road, a railroad, a river, or a lake, and they wants to divide the titled area using the road, railroad, river or lake as a boundary, they require a subdivision.
  5. If a person owns, in one title, several Lots on a Plan registered prior to July 1, 1950 (prior to Plan 1966 HW) and he or she wants to divide them into separate titles, they require a subdivision.
  6. If a person or two people own two titled areas (parts of quarter sections, Lots, or Blocks) and they want to change the boundaries of the titled areas (do a boundary adjustment), they require a subdivision.

Under the Municipal Government Act, R.S.A. 2000, as amended, before the Land Titles Office can register a Plan or another instrument creating a subdivision, the subdivision must be "approved" by a Subdivision Authority. Municipal Councils appoint Subdivision Authorities. In several of our client municipalities, we have been appointed by Council to be the Subdivision Authority or the Subdivision Authority's Officer.